Spelling Bee 2020

Spelling Bee 2020
Posted on 02/06/2020

Congratulations to Joanna Jackson from Eastern Elementary / Middle School, Giles County Public Schools' 2020 Spelling Bee Winner! 
Spelling Bee 2020

Also, join us in congratulating each of our School Winners:
Madi Mann, Narrows High School
Parker Huffman, Narrows Elementary/Middle School
Russell Pauley, Macy McClaugherty School
Andrew Scott, Giles High School

Thanks to all of the School Facilitators!  
Narrows Elem/Middle - Laura Helvey
Macy McClaugherty - Joy Johnston
Eastern Elem/Middle - Kristen Corboy
Giles High - NevaJean Sales
Narrows High - Hannah Spicer

Thanks to Josh Sparks for serving as the Bee Pronouncer and Nina Adkins as Judge.