Vision Screening

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Giles County Public Schools provide vision screenings to students enrolled in grades
  Pre-K,K, 3rd, 7th, and 10th.

The goal of the screening program for school-aged children shifts from a primary focus on prevention of amblyopia and detection of amblyopia risk factors, to detection of refractive errors and other eye conditions that could potentially impact the students' ability to learn or to affect their academic performance. - Prevent Blindness position statement.

If your child does not pass his/her vision screening a referral letter will be sent to the address provided upon enrollment. If you receive a referral letter please schedule a follow up appointment for a complete eye exam with an optometrist. 

**If your child is not in one of the grades listed above and you would like to have them screened please contact me at 540-921-1421 ext 19, and I will be happy to screen them**

Prevent Blindness Certification 24.pdf

A few local offices include: 

Clarity Eye Care

Appalachian Eye Care

If you need financial assistance to obtain glasses for your student the Lion's club may be of assistance.  (Pearisburg or Pembroke)

Application for Vision Assistance - Lions Club (Narrows or Rich Creek)