School Nurses

It is very important to communicate openly and freely about your child's health concerns and history with the school nurse. Each school has a nurse present daily, to ensure that your child is well taken care of each day. Our doors are always open, and we are here to keep your child healthy from Pre-K through grade 12.

Eastern Elementary/Middle School

Nurse: Tammy Barnett, LPN

Narrows Elementary/Middle School

Nurse: Peggy Bronnenkant, RN

Macy McClaugherty Elementary/Middle School

Nurse: Carmen Wright, RN- Head nurse

             Estelle Wade, RN- Float nurse

Giles High School

Nurse: Lora Cox, RN

Narrows High School

Nurse: Becky Weiss, LPN

Giles County School Health Coordinator

Jesse Glover, RN
540-921-1421 ext. 19 (office)
540-922-3322 (cell)