Virginia Accreditation Status for 2016-2017 based on achievement results from 2015-2016.


Official accreditation results: all Giles County Schools Fully Accredited
Congratulations to each school, their students and staff for their accomplishments!


For a school to earn full accreditation, at least 75 percent of students must pass reading and writing SOL tests, and at least 70 percent must pass state assessments in mathematics, science and history. High schools must also meet a benchmark for graduation.



VDOE News Release: Giles County one of 53 School Districts Fully Accredited September 14, 2016





Eastern Elementary/Middle School




6899 Virginia Ave
Pembroke VA 24136
Phone: 540-626-7281 
Principal: Mr. Jason Mills
Enrollment: 428



Macy McClaugherty Elementary/Middle School


1001 Henson Avenue
Pearisburg, VA. 24134
Phone: 540-921-1363
Principal: Mr. Kevin White

Enrollment: 514


Narrows Elementary/Middle School


401 West Wolf Street
Narrows, VA. 24124
Phone: 540-726-2391
Principal: Mr. Chris Gautier
Enrollment: 430


Giles High School


1825 Wenonah Avenue
Pearisburg VA 24134
Telephone (540) 921-1711
Principal: Mr. Ross Matney
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Shelly Boggess
Enrollment: 685


Narrows High School
1 Green Wave Lane
Narrows VA 24124
Telephone (540) 726-2384
Principal: Mr. Brian Bowles
Assistant Principal: Mr. Todd Lusk
Enrollment: 343