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License Renewal Activities Database

 Renewal Procedures:


Child Abuse & Neglect Training -Individuals seeking an initial license and license renewal must complete training in child abuse recognition and intervention in accordance with curriculum guidelines approved by the Board of Education.

Dyslexia Awareness Training Module - Effective July 1, 2017, every person seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license shall complete awareness training, provided by VDOE, on the indicators of dyslexia, as that term is defined by the board pursuant to regulations, and the evidence-based interventions and accommodations for dyslexia. This module is accessible from PCs and Mac computers. Viewing on an iPad or smartphone requires the download of the free “mobile player.” Users should complete the module in one session and have access to a printer.

Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module - Any individual licensed and endorsed to teach (i) middle school civics or economics or (ii) high school government or history who is seeking renewal of such license is required to demonstrate knowledge of Virginia history or state and local government by completing a module or professional development course specifically related to Virginia history or state and local government that has a value of five professional development points. This requirement applies for purposes of the individual's next or initial renewal occurring after July 1, 2014. Successful completion of the Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module will satisfy this renewal requirement. Please print and submit the module certificate with renewal documentation.


















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