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News Release


New River Community College and Giles County Public Schools Announce New Partnership to Assist Students with Virginia’s Standards of Learning

New River Community College and Giles County Public Schools announced today that they have formed a new partnership to assist high school students in the mastery of Virginia’s Standards of Learning. In an effort to provide another alternative to assist high school students in meeting the high expectations set by Virginia’s Standards of Learning, an innovative approach has been developed by Giles County Schools and New River Community College (NRCC). Through a project titled "Summer Institute for Assisted Learning: Gaining Skills While Earning Credits," both agencies have joined forces to offer specific assistance to students in high school who are facing difficulties or would like to improve their knowledge in areas tested by Virginia’s Standards of Learning. The classes will be offered as community college courses which will carry NRCC credit and will assist students in gaining admittance to the College, whether as a dual enrolled student at the college, or upon full time enrollment at New River following high school graduation.


The classes will be available for two weeks this summer. The first session will be July 10-14 and the second will be July 17 – 21. The time is from 9:00 AM until 12:00 each day. Each student who successfully completes the course will receive one New River Community College credit at no cost to the student or parent. Along with receiving the NRCC credit, students who successfully complete certain English and Math courses will automatically be eligible for enrollment as a student at New River Community College without taking the placement tests required of all students.

Dr. Robert McCracken stated that he hopes, with this type of joint effort between high schools and higher education, life-long learning will become more of a reality for all students as opposed to the typical quick-fix programs that are generally put in place to help students who are struggling in public education.

Dr. Charlie White, dean of academics and student services for New River Community College, said that this is the type of assistance that community colleges should be providing to young adults. This program would help provide the necessary encouragement for today’s students to continue to improve their skills whether it be in academic areas or in skill specific areas.

Further information, including specific course information, schedules and registration materials, is available from high school principals, guidance counselors, or the Giles County School Board Office.