May 8, 2001

Giles County Public Schools

School Board Meeting


Dr. Robert C. McCracken                                                                                                              Division Superintendent


*School Board Approves Consent Agenda Items

Minutes of the regular April 11, 2001 meeting

Bills in the amount of $1,839,822.95

Payroll for the month of April, 2001

Revenue report for the month of April, 2001

Appropriation Request for June, 2001

Approval of Special Education Annual Plan

Approval of Proposed 2001-02 School Board Budget


*School Board Recognizes the following who were nominated by the Professional Advisory Council for their hard work and dedication by being presented plaques by the Superintendent and Board Chairman: Dan Tetlow – Outstanding Technology and Assistance During GHS and NHS Renovation Projects; Mike Biggs – Outstanding Technology and Assistance at NHS; Mike Stevers – Outstanding Custodial Assistance; Nedra Thorn – Outstanding Volunteer Efforts; and Chad Jessee – Outstanding Performance and Selection to All-Virginia Concert Band.

*Public Comments

Kim Wilson, GEA President, addressed the School Board on behalf of the GEA Board of Directors, to request that a proposed policy be reviewed by the School Board regarding involuntary transfers. Board Chairman, Mr. Buckland, commented that the Board would take it into consideration, but he felt the Board needs latitude regarding transfers. Superintendent, Dr. McCracken, suggested that since we are a part of the VSBA Policy Services, the proposed policy be sent to VSBA for review.

School Board Hears an Educational Feature by the Special Programs Department.

Patricia Muldoon, Director of Special Programs attended the meeting to share information about transitional services. Transition services help students develop the skills and plans to get jobs, or go to school, or to get additional help from adult service agencies when they graduate. Vocational assessment is a transition service which helps the student establish future goals, taking into account their needs, interests and preferences. Mrs. Muldoon then introduced Dr. Linda Knott, GHS Teacher, who explained vocational assessment, which is one piece of the transitional process. Two students also attended the meeting to share their experiences through PERT (Post-Secondary Education/Rehabilitation Transition), where students travel to Fishersville for a 2 week comprehensive vocational assessment. A total of six students went on the 2 week excursion, but Josh Bowman and Brian Brown, NHS students, were able to attend the School Board meeting to be a part of the presentation. Brian commented that he went to Fishersville to learn about mechanics and autobody, and learned he can take care of himself. Josh said he went to learn computer skills and to learn to be a teacher/teacher aide. They both enjoyed their two week journey immensely. The boys were applauded for the fine job they did in sharing their experiences with the School Board. Dr. Knot and Mrs. Muldoon also explained that PERT is a training and assessment center, like a college experience for students, where they live in dorms independently for two weeks, and share with a roommate. It helps to plan the rest of a student’s high school career.

*School Board Approves/Confirms Recommendations Regarding Personnel Items

The School Board confirmed the following: Resignations: Larry Collins, effective May 4, 2001; Audrey Reith and Miranda Keith, effective the end of 2000-01. Employment: Leigh Anne Boothe – Cosemetology Instructor, GTC and Jennifer Bush – Voc.Ag/Horticulture Teacher, GHS, both effective for 2001-02 school year. Retirement of Wanda Stump, effective end of 2000-01,and her participation in the 20 Day Program for 2001-02. Also confirmed was the reversal of the retirement request for Marilyn Albert and her reinstatement as a teacher.

*School Board Hears Reports from the Superintendent

The Superintendent shared graphs with the School Board regarding the Spring 2001 SOL writing test scores for 5th and 8th graders. All schools were above the benchmark in the SOL Combined Writing Scores. He also shared learning techniques from the schools about SOL testing, which included bulletin board questions, student newspaper articles, a trade day for students to trade objects from home, group discussions from questions on the overhead projector, use of an atlas, encyclopedias, and dictionaries, and a Jeopardy type game to solve linear equations, to name a few. Lastly, he distributed brochures regarding Secondary Summer Classes 2001 and 8th Summer Institute 2001.

Mr. Wheeler distributed handouts regarding renovation items needing to be addressed at both high schools. Roofs at both schools are being completed, beginning this week with NHS. There are still some floor tile concerns at GHS that are being reviewed. Slowly but surely, we are getting nearer completion.

The School Board approved the 2001-02 school calendar as recommended by this year’s calendar committee.

The 2001-02 School Calendar can be viewed by clicking here.

*School Board Takes Action on Other Items

RFP. No. 1197 Gas for buses by district

RFP No. 1297 Janitorial and Paper Supplies

RFP No. 15-2000 Cafeteria Food Items

*School Board and School Staff Present Comments and Mission Statement Accomplishments