June 13, 2000

Volume I Issue 11

Office of the Superintendent Dr. Robert C. McCracken

*School Board Approves Consent Agenda Items

Minutes of the May 11, 2000 regular meeting

Bills in the amount of $3,249,693.22

Payroll for the month of May, 2000

Revenue report for the month of May, 2000

July, 2000 Appropriation Request

Confirmation of Scholarships

Field Trip Confirmation

*School Board Recognizes the following who were nominated by the Professional Advisory Council for their hard work and dedication by being presented plaques by the Superintendent and Board Chairman: Seth McCracken – First High School Student To Complete Cisco Academy and CCNA Exam; Russ Johnston – Recipient of Lee-Jackson Scholarship Award and VHSL Achievement Award, Russ also received an award from the Sons of the American Revolution; Brad and Faye Nicholson – "After-Prom 2000"; Teresa Jones and Bernice Davis – Instructional Achievement; School Volunteers – Jennifer Lovejoy – EEMS for her work with the "Awesome Arts Fest" and Carolyn Martin – MMS for her work in the school cafeteria.

The 1999-00 retirees were honored prior to the meeting with a reception hosted by GEA, with delicious refreshments. They then were presented a clock and plaques for their years of service, (which all together totaled 198 years!), by the Superintendent and Board Chairman. This year’s retirees are: Donna Blankenship, Sue Edwards, Walter Jones, Sr., Lorine Lambert, Mary K. Smith, Martha Snidow and JoAnn Vaught.

*School Board Hears an Educational Feature by Melanie Atkins, NHS Teacher

Howard Spencer attended the meeting on behalf of Mrs. Atkins’ project. He was highly impressed with the project and commented that students excel when taken out of the county. Two students, Brittany Greenlief and Whitney Ferrell recently presented the project in Charlottesville and Mr. Spencer had attended the presentation. He then turned the program over to Mrs. Atkins, who shared with the School Board the project "Reflections of Life, Reflections of Love" that has been possible through grant money. It is a magazine that students have constructed regarding their interviews with elderly people throughout the county. The magazine will go to the printer next week, to be published this summer for sale, and reflects reports of history 1900-2000. Student, Brittany Greenlief attended the meeting to share her experiences with the elderly. Each student interviewed 2 residents. They visited Riverview Nursing Home and McArthur House, as well as many elderly people they personally knew. Brittany also shared comments from the folks she had interviewed and commented that one of the things older folks felt had helped the US along was going to the moon. Others spoke of working on farms and going to war. They talked of the days when there was no television, but were glad to have radios. Many of them had to work most of the time. Mrs. Atkins shared that relationships were built between the students and elderly people. Many students have returned to visit those they had interviewed. The hope is to have the project funded again next year, once the magazine is complete.

*School Board Approves Recommendations Regarding Personnel Items

The Board confirmed the following employment for the 2000-01 school year: Wayne Perkins – Maintenance; Tracy Ervin – GHS/NHS French teacher; Kathryn Myhill – to be placed at MMS; Rachel Goodwin – to be placed at NHS; Angie Nottingham – NHS Math teacher; Art Terrill – transfer to JoAnn Vaught’s bus driving position; Re-appointments: Tammy Barnett – EEMS, Part-time LPN; Brenda Smith – MMS, Part-time LPN; Angie Frame – NEMS, Part-time LPN; Marsha Kessinger – EEMS, Part-time Sp. Ed. Teacher Assistant; Rebecca Spencer and Sandra Jennings – Part-Time Testing Diagnosticians.

The Board confirmed the following resignations: Richard Trenar, effective June 30, 2000, and Marie Martin, effective the end of the current school year.

The Board approved the following employment for 2000-01: Danny Johnston and Jeff Williams – bus drivers, and Jason Frazier, GHS Special Ed. Teacher Assistant.

The Board approved principal’s recommendations for administrative interns for 2000-01: Rick Franklin – NHS; Pam Higginbotham – EEMS; and Jeff Bucken – NEMS.

*School Board Hears Reports from the Superintendent

The Superintendent shared student SOL scores with the School Board. He reviewed each school, and commented that overall, improvement is occurring and stated that this year’s scores are reflective of continued hard work. He also reminded the Board that each year we are comparing a different group of students taking a different test, which will give different results. He commended the school staffs and students for taking a serious attitude with the SOL’s and diligently working to raise test scores.

Mr. Wheeler updated the School Board on the current construction projects. Contractors meetings are scheduled for June 14 and 28. Hopefully, once schools are out, the projects will go full steam ahead to meet deadlines. He noted that windows are in place and the roof work continues.

The School Board approved policy revisions and new policies as recommended by VSBA Policy Services and the administration.

*School Board Takes Action on Other Items

The School Board confirmed the following RFP’s:

No. 10-2000 – Blue Flash Oil Company for diesel tanks at the maintenance building

No. 11-2000 – Tickle Septic and Water for cleaning of grease traps and septic tanks

No. 12-2000 – Earthgrains Company for bakery products

No. 13-2000 – United Valley Bell Dairy for dairy products

No. 15-2000 – Sysco for cafeteria items

No. 16-2000 – Creative Flooring for VCT tile for EEMS

The School Board confirmed the renewal of the lease with Alvis Jamison and EEMS property, for 60 months.

The School Board approved three buses to be declared as surplus property to be disposed of in the most economical manner possible.

The School Board confirmed their attendance at the administrators’ outing on June 15, 2000 at 5:30 PM

The School Board confirmed their close-out meeting as scheduled for June 30, 2000 at 7:30 AM.

*School Board and School Staff Present Comments and Mission Statement Accomplishments

The School Board commended both high schools for the fine job they have done through the construction projects. Everyone just kept getting through it with little complaining.

Another school year gone! Glad we’ve had no major catastrophes.

Congratulations to all retirees. With all of those years of experience, they will be hard to replace! Enjoy your retirement! It’s good to recognize our veteran teachers.

Seth McCracken was commended for the fine job he has done in the Cisco Adacemy. It was also commented that there is a need for the Board to review student needs, to make an effort to identify all students’ needs, whether they be academic, vocational, technology or otherwise.

VSBA recently distributed their "2000 Showcase" booklet, where Giles County Schools were reflected twice with programs that have been implemented.

Congratulations to the 57 graduates from the Governor’s School this year!

It is hopeful that the Governor’s School will work toward employing a Guidance Counselor to assist students.

Lots of activities the past couple of weeks – graduations for kindergarten, seventh graders and Seniors; awards ceremonies, Tech Center awards, baccalaureates…congratulations to all!

All teachers and students were commended for their outstanding attitudes in taking the SOL’s. We are proud of the test scores. We’ve come a long way.

It is hopeful the construction projects will speed along this summer to where schools are ready to open in September.

Best wishes were conveyed to everyone for a nice summer.

The Board commended Melanie Atkins and Brittany Greenlief for their outstanding presentation. It is good for students to present special projects such as these in a different part of the state, where folks can see achievements of our students.

The Superintendent shared with the Board that the Magnet School is continuing to grow in student numbers. Also, a recent legislative luncheon was held at NRCC, which involved legislators that may be able to assist in funding for the Magnet School.

The Superintendent commented how pleased he is with the Internship Program that was implemented this year. It is off to a great start, and he looks forward to next year’s progress.

The Superintendent commended the two high schools for their fine organization for graduation. He also mentioned he had numerous positive comments regarding GHS’s use of golf carts to get folks to and from the field.

Mrs. Radford, GEA President, stated that her term is up. Kim Wilson will be the new GEA President.