December 15, 1999

Volume I Issue 5

Office of the Superintendent Dr. Robert C. McCracken

*School Board Approves Consent Agenda Items

Minutes of the November 16, 1999 regular meeting

Bills in the amount of $1,685,501.65

Payroll for the month of November, 1999

Revenue report for the month of November, 1999

*School Board Recognizes the following who were nominated by the Professional Advisory Council for their hard work and dedication by being presented plaques by the Superintendent and Board Chairman: For Community Involvement at Macy McClaugherty School: Mario Castillo, Diane Jackson, and Pam Johnson. Amy Wheeler, NEMS Guidance Counselor, was also recognized for her support and assistance with the Character Counts Program.

Also recognized were this year’s Christmas Card winners for their entries of artwork for Christmas cards sent out from the Central Office: Samantha Brookner – EEMS; Wes Conley – MMS; and Kelly Elizabeth Frazier – NEMS.

From the School Board Office, Sandra Spangler and Barbara Perkins were recognized for their recent assistance to the Craig County School Board Office in their time of need regarding the payroll program.

*School Board Hears an Educational Feature by Giles Co. Technology Center

Mr. Fowler, GTC Principal, attended the meeting to introduce Barbara Buckland, Cosmetology Instructor, who had the feature for the evening. Mrs. Buckland introduced Cami Compton, a cosmetology student, who explained a video that she shared with the School Board regarding "Skills USA VICA" which is the new name for VICA. The video reviewed the national organization and how it prepares students for the vocational field they are entering into along with skills development, teamwork, customer relations, as well as great career opportunities.

Then through a computer program, "Cosmopolitan Virtual Reality Make Over", Cami shared pictures of the School Board members she had taken that included added "extras" to their pictures. The pictures reflected what the Board members would look like with additional features, such as more hair, beards, heavier eyebrows, to name a few. Cami then reviewed the program with the School Board by using Mr. Gollehon’s picture as a "guinea pig" and presenting additional features for the picture. Mrs. Buckland commented that the computer program has been very interesting for the students, they are able to match skin tones/make-up for their customers, as well as show them what they might look like with a different hair style or hair color. Mrs. Buckland also mentioned that the program has added some "pizazz" to the classroom, which keeps the students attentive and interested, especially when they can take turns involving each other in the program for creativity and ideas. Mrs. Buckland and Cami presented all Board members with a gift of gratitude for their continued support and assistance with the Cosmetology Program through the years. The Board members enjoyed the presentation so much, they are all thinking about bringing their pictures to reality!

*School Board Approves Recommendations Regarding Personnel Items

The Board confirmed the following employment for the remainder of the 1999-00 school year: Transfer of Jeff Williams from NHS/AEP teacher to GHE PE teacher, effective 12/7/99; Transfer of McCreery Mann from NEMS Special Ed. Half-Teacher/Half-Teacher Assistant to NHS/AEP teacher; Brenda Martin as EEMS part-time reading support for grades 1&2; Tonya Reece as Sponsor for NHS Yearbook and Newspaper; and Shirley Lockerby as Macy Special Ed. Teacher Assistant.

The Board approved the following employment for the remainder of the 1999-00 school year: GHS supplemental positions - Jeff Williams and Mark Hubbard as Girls Track Assistant Coaches and Kari Jennelle as Girls Tennis Coach; Barry Rupp as the NHS Tech. Ed. Teacher.

*School Board Hears Reports from the Superintendent

The School Board met in their annual School Board Retreat, prior to the regular meeting. As a result, the following Items were acted on by the School Board: (1) Revisions to the Certificate Program of Completion; (2) Increase in Substitute Teacher/ Teacher Assistant Payrate as follows: $80 for degreed substitute; $60 for non-degreed teacher substitute with diploma/GED; $50 for substitute for teacher assistant with diploma/GED; $10 for current teacher assistant that subs for teacher (in addition to regular pay). (3) Appointment of salary work group for teacher assistants with Dr. Webb serving as Board rep and salary work group for maintenance with Mr. Morris serving as Board rep. (4) Posting of new position – Network Administrator.

The Superintendent stressed the emphasis of test scores with the School Board, by posting scores on the bulletin board in the School Board meeting room. He commented that all elementary area scores were very similar, which reflects that what is being done for all students seems to be working. He also stated he is pleased with the continual progress, and commended teachers and students for their hard work.

Mr. Wheeler updated the School Board on the GHS and NHS construction projects. It is hopeful that Ag shops and classrooms will be ready by the middle of January, 2000 in both high schools. Windows are to be delivered in the next couple of weeks, and installation will begin as soon as possible. Ceiling inspections are scheduled for 12/21/99 and architectural inspections are scheduled for 12/27/99. EEMS roof is close to completion, and will be finalized the first of the year. All in all, everything is on track.

The School Board approved policy revisions as recommended by VSBA Policy Services and administration.

*School Board Takes Action on Other Items

The School Board approved the declaration of surplus items as recommended, and to be disposed of in the most economical manner possible.

The Board set the January meeting for Wednesday, January 26, 1999 at 7:00 PM at the School Board Office.

The Board requested that the annual joint meeting with the Giles County Board of Supervisors be scheduled in the near future.

*School Board and School Staff Present Comments and Mission Statement Accomplishments

Board members continue to be amazed with opportunities for our young people. GTC’s educational feature proved that technology can do marvelous things! The Board is pleased with the skills and competence that is shown by students at GTC.

Board members commented on the years they have served and how they have been privileged to work with all good Board members. The quality of the members through the years has been commendable!

The Board had a very productive day, beginning with the School Board Retreat, followed by the quarterly meeting with administrators, and ending with the School Board meeting. It’s always nice to meet with the administrators and share ideas, concerns, etc.

The recent 8.2 million dollar request for the Magnet School will include space for the Governor’s School, and everyone is extremely excited about that!


There are some ideas being considered in trying to find some type of accreditation standards for the Governor’s School. A number of concerns were voiced regarding this issue in light of the proposed revisions to Virginia’s Standards’ of Accreditation.

It has been proven, through improved test scores, that remediation programs for students are indeed helpful. The scores prove that remedial assistance is working for the good of the students.

The Superintendent commented how good it is to spend a day with the School Board members. It is a good opportunity to go through a tremendous amount of materials and/or issues and to receive feedback from the Board.

The Superintendent also commented on the quarterly meeting with the administrators, and how grateful he is for the relationship. Other superintendents don’t seem to have that rapport with their administrators, where they can sit and discuss important issues, and he is very appreciative that our group can.




The School Board wishes all employees, students and their families a very happy and safe holiday season!