News Release

August 26, 1999

Volume I Issue 1

Office of the Superintendent Robert C. McCracken



*School Board Approves Consent Agenda Items

Minutes of the June 30, 1999 regular meeting

Minutes of the August 5, 1999 special meeting



Appropriation Request for October, 1999

*School Board Approves Recommendations Regarding Personnel Items

The Board confirmed the following employment for the 1999-00 school year: Jack McCall as Interim Principal at EEMS; and Audrey Reith as Vocational Agriculture teacher at GHS. The following elementary positions were also confirmed for the 1999-00 school year: Kim Linkous - EEMS; Kristi McCall and Suzanne Williams - MMS; Christina Spangler and Jean Law-Bottorf - NEMS. The following teacher assistant positions were confirmed as well for the 1999-00 school year: Heather Morris (full-time) and Marsha Kessinger (part-time) at EEMS; Jeanette Martin (full-time) and Debbie Havens (part-time) at MMS; Anna McCroskey (part-time) at NEMS; and Debbie Lusk (full-time) at NHS/AEP.

*School Board Hears Reports from the Superintendent

The Board approved policies as recommended by the VSBA and administration.

New professional staff were introduced by Mr. Fitch, Supervisor of Testing and Accreditation prior to their New Teacher Orientation. Twenty-seven new teachers were present. Mike Wade, Virginian Leader Editor, came by and photographed the group. New teachers present were: Shannon Simpson, Sarah McGlothlin, Kim Linkous, Christina Spangler, Kristi McCall, Kay Lucas, Kristi Gordon, Melanie Atkins, Jean Law-Bottorf, Cathy Elliott, Suzanne Williams, Kelly Lowe, Byron Hurley, Heather Waselchalk, Mitzie White, Audrey Reith, Bruce Kemp, Carolyn Painter, Jay Crockett, Shirley Hubbard, McCreery Mann, Lisa Darlington, Thomas Miller, Jared Rader, Jackie Evans, Marsha Wickline, Patricia Tibbs.

*School Board Takes Action on Other Items

The Board approved the recommendation to replace the roof at EEMS through the architectural firm of Oliver, Webb, Pappas and Rhudy in conjunction with Branch and Associates, in the amount of $388,000. This recommendation came as a result of a clause added to the general contract for the school renovations, which reserved the right for additional roof work.

The Board approved GS-2 and GS-16, certificate of records to be purged, as permitted by the state.

The Board set Tuesday, September 21st at 7:00 PM at the School Board Office for the next School Board meeting. The quarterly administrative meeting will be held at EEMS at 5:30 PM, prior to the regular Board meeting.

The Board also discussed their annual budget meetings at schools this year, which will be held as in the past, the 3rd or 4th week of October.

*School Board and School Staff Present Comments and Mission Statement Accomplishments

It's hard to believe another school year is under way. Congratulations went out to all new staff members. Best wishes were conveyed for the coming year.! Looking forward to it!

Sincere thanks were conveyed to the Chamber of Commerce for the wonderful continental breakfast they provided for New Teacher Orientation. Unification is what a community is all about and the Chamber certainly goes that extra mile in supporting the school system.

The Superintendent reminded the Board of the goals established to continue student safety practices. The administrators were asked to provide 5 goals for their schools regarding student safety and how it would be handled at their site. The main goal is to maintain a safe learning environment for all students.